Suzi takes control of her self-worth on anthemic new single ‘Canberra’

It comes as the second preview of Suzi's upcoming EP 'I Hope You Can Hear Me Now'

Hot on the heels of her showcase run at this year’s BIGSOUND, Suzi has returned with a new single titled ‘Canberra’.

Recorded with her three-piece backing band – in tandem with producer Deano Tellefson, with whom she tracked at Melbourne’s Wrangler Studios – the song continues Suzi’s trend of marrying a pub-rock instrumental with emotive storytelling. It was inspired by an experience she had while touring through the titular Australian capital, though as she noted in a press release, the lyrical mention of Canberra can be open to interpretation.

“I’ve always been super dramatic in my songwriting, and this song is no exception,” she said. “I don’t specifically mean I’m never going back to Canberra ever again. I think ‘Canberra’ in this sense can represent a lot of things – whether it’s a place, a feeling [or] a person.”


The song arrives today (September 15) alongside a video co-directed by Suzi herself with filmmaker Ben Schoonderbeek. In addition to the singer-songwriter, it stars all three members of her band – guitarist Declan Long, bassist Holly Ditchfield and drummer Naomi Best – as well as cameos from Tellefson and a handful of Suzi’s personal friends. Have a look at the clip below:

Speaking to NME at BIGSOUND, Suzi explained that she is yet returned to Canberra since the incident that inspired the song, but doesn’t hold a grudge towards the city. She said: “I posted a little snippet on TikTok – because I’m very impulsive and can’t control myself when I have demos – and everyone in the comments was like, ‘We love this song in Canberra! Come play a show in Canberra for the single launch!’

“Honestly, I think [people from Canberra] like it the most out of anyone – they’re like, ‘Someone mentioned me!’ So, who knows? It could go off there. There’s definitely something in the works to do something [in Canberra]…”

‘Canberra’ comes as the second preview of Suzi’s forthcoming sophomore EP, ‘I Hope You Can Hear Me Now’, following the release of ‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’ back in April. The EP itself – a follow-up to 2020’s ‘I Like It Better Indoors’ EP and last year’s standalone single ‘Amelia’ – is yet to be dated or detailed, however Suzi noted to NME that she’s eying a release window in early 2023.

Fans in regional Victoria will be able to see Suzi play both songs live next month, with the artist and her band performing on four dates of this year’s Guts Touring program. Taking to stages alongside Children Collide and Body Type, Suzi will play in Tarwin Lower, Traralgon, Marlo and Rye across the long weekend of October 27-30.