Sweet Whirl releases two remixes of ‘Sweetness’

Reimagined by electronic artists Andras and Rachow

Melbourne artist Sweet Whirl has shared two remixes for her track ‘Sweetness’, first released in April.

One remix comes from electronic artist Andras, who reimagines ‘Sweetness’ as a dub-inspired track. The other is remixed by Rachow, the new solo moniker of Nick Murray from Australian DJ duo Otologic. Murray’s remix dials up the song’s tempo, adds a heavier bassline and transforms ‘Sweetness’ into a late-night club track.

Listen to the two remixes below:


“In another life I might’ve tried being a serious DJ,” said Sweet Whirl’s Esther Edquist, “but as it is I’m too wrapped up in songwriting so I wrote a song that I thought would work well as a remix, then gave it to two of my all-time-favourite Melbourne DJs, Nick ‘Rachow’ Murray from Otologic and Andras Fox.

“I love these two remixes. They’re so musical, so sympathetic to my style while also taking a big step away from the original. It’s such a cool sensation and an honour to hear your music merge into something new and beautiful.”

‘Sweetness’ was the second single lifted from Sweet Whirl’s debut album, ‘How Much Works’, released in May through Chapter. In an interview with NME, Edquist explained how she’d recorded plenty of music before settling on the tracks included in ‘How Much Works’.

“I recorded an album, I’ve counted about nine times… There’s a lot of discarded albums lying around in people’s Dropboxes around Melbourne,” she said.


“[I wasn’t] leaving things to chance and [leaving it up to the ‘sound of the room’] and all this whimsy-shit I had. It was to do this really seriously, get the right takes. ’Cause I am a perfectionist. It was ’fessing up to the fact that I am a perfectionist.”

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