Sycco drops new single and music video, ‘Dribble’

Her first release since she received one of triple j Unearthed's 'Level Up' grants

Brisbane pop artist Sycco has returned with her second single of the year, ‘Dribble’, released through Future Classic and Tom Windish’s singles label Wilder.

Alongside the single’s release, Sycco has also shared an accompanying music video, which was directed by Madeline Randall and Summer King. Watch it below:


“This track was written in four hours,” Sycco said of the song in a press statement.

“[Producer] Ed and I were tired and hungover, which maybe explains why it sounds a little dark. The guitar synth was added at the last minute but I can’t imagine the song without it now.”

‘Dribble’ is Sycco’s fifth single to date and her second of the year following ‘Nicotine’. It also marks Sycco’s first new song since it was revealed that she’d be one of the lucky artists receiving a triple j Unearthed ‘Level Up’ grant.

Sycco is one of 17 winners from the around the country who received a grant, each one being worth up to $7,000.

“We look forward to hearing their exciting contributions to the Australian music industry in the near future!” a representative for triple j Unearthed said in a statement.


In addition to Sycco, other winners of the grant include JessWar, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Tasman Keith and more.

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