Sydney house where Bee Gees rehearsed up for auction

The house carries a $3.3 million dollar price guide

A Sydney home in which the Bee Gees reportedly rehearsed during the 1960s is being auctioned online. reported today that the Bee Gees rehearsed in the garage of the Bronte home when they lived around the corner in 1964.

The home has been developed and altered considerably since the time the Bee Gees are believed to have rehearsed there. The house, located at 88 Macpherson Street, Bronte, is scheduled to go to auction online on May 2. It carries a $3.3 million dollar price guide.

Click here to view images of the home.


Current owner, interior designer Shellie Conway, purchased the home in 1995 for a modest $340,000. At the time, she says that most locals were aware that the famous Gibb brothers had rehearsed at the home.

“It’s a bit of folklore… a fun fact,” she told

It is believed that the Bee Gees, who had only been operating under that name for a short time when they practised at the house, lived around the corner in Kent Street.

“It’s like an oasis,” Conway says.

“You walk into this house and it does transport you somewhere else… it has a real sense of peace and enclosure.”


The news comes hot on the heels of the announcement that a Bee Gees biopic is in the works. It is believed that Bradley Cooper is in talks to star as Barry Gibb, while ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ producer Graham King is reportedly also involved.