Sydney Opera House launches streaming service featuring old and new performances

Including livestream shows from Ziggy Ramo, Jack River and more

The Sydney Opera House has created a new home for its digital content with the launch of Stream, its new online streaming service.

Arriving earlier this week, the service hosts a range of old and new content, such as talks, theatre performances and concerts. At present, the platform features 30 hours worth of programming across 45 different events, including archival sets from The Cure, Bon Iver and Solange, the Sunnyboys live in concert, Rita Ora‘s ‘Bang Bang’ performance for Fallon recorded at the Opera House, and more.

The program will be expanded monthly, with four livestreams this weekend set to be the first round of growth for the service. The series will kick off tonight (April 9) with Jack River, Annie Hamilton, Budjerah and more for Visions of Us, followed by Ziggy Ramo, Becca Hatch, JK-47 and others tomorrow, before wrapping up on Sunday with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


“Artists have always been early adopters of any new technology,” said the Opera House’s head of digital programming, Stuart Buchanan.

“Through the pandemic, we are seeing a critical mass of audiences follow their lead and embrace streaming as a truly viable alternative to in-venue performance.

“With Stream, we have created a space that is accessible for all audiences anywhere in the world as well as local patrons who cannot visit theatres in-person.”

The new platform follows on from the success of the Opera House’s 2020 digital program, From Our House To Yours, which featured livestream shows by contemporary artists.

Their pivot to an online entertainment format was the venue’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, where restrictions and lockdowns made it impossible to host live audiences.


The program included performances from Gordi, Ramo, Winston Surfshirt and more, which can also be viewed on Stream.