Sydney Opera House to stream Keaton Henson’s 2019 ‘Six Lethargies’ performance

They'll also premiere a brand new recording of 'Husk'

The Sydney Opera House is set to stream Keaton Henson‘s performance of ‘Six Lethargies’ recorded at VIVID’s 2019 festival tonight (October 3).

They’ll also debut a brand new performance of ‘Husk’, Henson’s latest single from his forthcoming album ‘Monument’.

‘Six Lethargies’ was an unusual departure for the English folk musician – a classical piece designed to aurally convey Henson’s experience with anxiety disorder. It is performed as an audio-visual experience, in which galvanic skin response data from a previous test audience hooked up to biometric sensors is used to alter the lights during the performance based on their responses.


Henson’s performance will begin streaming at 8pm AEST tonight (October 3) and remain available on demand thereafter. Watch it below.

Per an interview with the iconic venue, ‘Six Lethargies’ represents different stages and manifestations of trauma as Henson understands them. It was borne first out of the anxiety that having his music premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC radio show produced.

“It realized that being too aware of all those eyes and voices would endanger my ability to make things the way I do,” Henson explained.

“But what I eventually became fascinated by, which I think has culminated in Six Lethargies, was the idea that I could write something privately in my bedroom without thought of other people’s responses, and that work could not only still reach those people but it could also carry my feelings to them – these people literally on the other side of the world.”


Henson’s ‘Monument’, his first studio album since 2016’s ‘Kindly Now’, will be released on October 23. It’s set to feature the singles ‘Prayer’ and ‘Husk’.

The livestream is part of the Sydney Opera House’s “Digital Season”, featuring a weekly program of full-length performances, live recordings and unreleased footage from the Opera House archives, during closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to streaming archival concerts from AirPanda BearJónsi and Alex Somers, among others, the iconic venue has also released new, live-streamed performances filmed within the Opera House without an audience from the likes of Ziggy RamoGordi and Low Life.