Sydney’s dancing and singing restrictions have been extended to next week

One additional case of community transmission has been found since the restrictions were initially announced

Greater Sydney’s restrictions on singing and dancing introduced last week due to a new COVID case in the area have been extended to next week.

The restrictions were meant to last from 5pm on May 6 to this morning (May 10), but NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian revealed over the weekend that the majority of them will stay in place until at least May 17.

These include, but aren’t limited to, a ban on dancing in indoor venues, as well as singing by an audience. In addition, audiences at concerts will have to wear masks.


Exceptions to the extension include those requiring retail customers to wear masks while shopping, which they are no longer required to do.

News of the extension comes after NSW recorded just one more case of community transmission – the wife of the case announced last week. However, NSW Health is still unsure how the virus was spread into the community.

“Despite extensive investigations to date, NSW Health has not identified how the initial case, the man in his 50s, was exposed to COVID-19,” NSW Health said in a statement given yesterday (May 9).

“[This] suggests he acquired the infection through brief contact with a currently unidentified person who was infectious in the community.”

The snap restrictions on live music venues have already impacted notable artists, with Kota Banks and Ninajirachi having to postpone their joint Sydney show to early June.


Nina Las Vegas, founder of NLV Records to which Banks and Ninajirachi are signed, condemned the new restrictions, calling them “super confusing”.

“in unsurprising slash nsw gov doesn’t really care about the arts news, new restrictions are super confusing for venues / performers,” Nina Las Vegas wrote on Twitter.

“same capacity but no dancing or singing? putting 200 chairs in a live space isn’t going to work for the same capacity.”

In related news, a bunch of Queensland artists criticised Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk after she wrote about having over 41,000 people attend a rugby match over the weekend on Twitter.

“I wish you’d support the music industry like this @AnnastaciaMP we need help x,” Amy Shark said in a retweet of Palaszczuk’s image.

“You can boast about your footy numbers, but do you realise how heavily the music and arts industry feels let down @AnnastaciaMP?” Eves Karydas said in a separate retweet.