Syrup release new hypnotic pop single ‘Catch Your Flow’

Dropping a trippy animated video alongside the song

Brisbane duo Syrup are back with a new single, the floor-filling ‘Catch Your Flow’.

The track – co-produced by Slum Sociable‘s Ed Quinn and mixed by Northeast Party Houses’s Malcolm Besley – is Syrups’s first release of the year.

‘Catch Your Flow’ plays with Syrup’s typical hynoptic alt-pop vibes in a track they said in a press release is about “uncertainty”.


Watch the dazzling animated music video below:

“At its root, the song explores the precariousness of thought,” Syrup said. “How one can fall into a mood and what caused it to be? Whether that be through external or internal means. It’s the awkward questions that arise from not understanding why or how.

“It’s every bit about how the little moments fashion the grand whilst focussing on the steady hand that labours you towards the right path. Taking these signals with gusto is a process of catching the flow.”

Syrup – the project of childhood friends Harry Pratt and Henry Anderson – released their first single ‘Something To Wear’ in 2019. This was quickly followed by their debut EP, ‘The Sponge’ – featuring singles ‘Turn’ and ‘Sun’ – which Quinn also produced.


Earlier today Slum Sociable announced that after five years together, the pair would be calling it a day, releasing one final EP, ‘Questions’, due out Thursday April 1.