Taeyeon talks her trainee days: “Even when I was tired, I had a clear goal in mind”

"I was confident that I was going to be the best”

Soloist and Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has opened up about her life as a trainee.

In a recent interview with ELLE Korea, the K-pop veteran looked back on her time as a trainee, and how she overcame difficult moments. The singer also reflected on the stereotypes she has heard about being an idol.

“At first, I overcame by singing my favourite song. I was just happy to sing, and felt happy through it. But as time went by, I think my standards became higher,” said Taeyeon, revealing that she became more harsh on herself. “I’m the type to scold myself to try harder and do my best.”


The Girls’ Generation vocalist also talked about her “boring” life as a trainee that revolved around exercise, attending classes and practicing for her debut. “It would be a lie to say that I was never tired. But even when I was tired, I had a clear goal in mind, and I was confident that I was going to be the best,” shared Taeyeon.

Later, she also discussed stereotypes often faced by K-pop idols. “‘You get to wear such pretty clothes so many times, I wish I could have the spotlight on me as much as you have,’ I’ve heard these so many times,” she told ELLE Korea. “But we all feel the same things.”

“Sometimes, I honestly want to drop everything and take a break, but I’m already a member of Girls’ Generation. And after knowing how much influence I have on people, I naturally developed this sense of responsibility,” Taeyeon confessed.

Last month, Taeyeon joined SM labelmate Key on his new single ‘Hate That…’ in anticipation of his upcoming mini-album in September. ‘Hate That…’ marks the SHINee member’s first solo release in nearly three years, since his 2019 project ‘I Wanna Be’.

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