Tamara and the Dreams drop new online anthem, ‘Internet Song’

"This song is dedicated to all the people that have ever unfollowed me"

Tamara and the Dreams have returned with their new single, ‘Internet Song’, which is – you guessed it – a song about being online.

It’s a breezy indie-pop cut, poking fun at society’s dependence on the internet and social media. It’s the second single the project, helmed by Tamara Reichman, has put out this year.

Listen to ‘Internet Song’ below:


“I wrote the bones of ‘Internet Song’ in about 15 minutes, and then it took me two years to make the lyrics less uncool and more relevant,” Reichman said in a press statement.

“It’s a stitched-together tale of people I’ve met, people I once knew, things that happened and cliched phrases that I made up, and i wanted to juxtapose a really retro sound with lyrics that are trying really hard to make some sort of social commentary.

“Ultimately, this song is dedicated to all the people that have ever unfollowed me. I want you to know I will never forget you.”

This isn’t the first song by the four-piece project that puts our reliance on social media under a microscope, with previous single ‘FUNNY!’ examining internet-born irony culture.


‘Internet Song’ is the fourth track Tamara and the Dreams have released, following ‘FUNNY!’ earlier this year, and ‘Lo-Fi’ and ‘P1nk Sungl4sses’ last year.