Tamara and The Dreams release debut EP ‘Cracked Phone Screens’, share new video

Filmed on location at the titular St. Kilda Beach

Melbourne indie-pop trio Tamara and The Dreams have shared their debut EP ‘Cracked Phone Screens’, as well as a video for its single ‘St. Kilda Beach’.

The EP, released today (December 1), collects all four stand-alone singles the project has released since its 2019 debut: ‘LO-FI’, ‘P1nk Sungl4sses’, ‘FUNNY!’ and ‘internet song’. The singles are joined by the two previously-unreleased songs: the aforementioned ‘St. Kilda Beach’ and the title track. The EP features production from Sam Swain, Fletcher Matthews, Laura Hancock and Calum Newton.

Stream the EP below:


The video for ‘St. Kilda Beach’ was shot by lead singer and chief songwriter Tamara Reichman on her phone. It was filmed at the song’s titular location in the south-east of Melbourne. Watch the video below:

In a press statement, Reichman describes the video as “a visualisation of how [she] felt writing the song.”

“[The video is based on] the idea of being outside somewhere normal, but feeling so melodramatic inside that you feel like you are living inside of a film,” she said.


Reichman also noted the contributions of singer-songwriter Gabriella Cohen, who co-produced the song and also provided backing vocals.

“I was a fan of [hers], then [we] serendipitously met and [I] ended up getting her and her musical partner Kate [Dillon] to record and produce the song in my kitchen,” she added.