Tamara and the Dreams share new single ‘FUNNY!’

The songwriter rails against irony culture

Tamara and the Dreams, the indie-pop project of Melbourne songwriter Tamara Reichman, have shared their first music of 2020 with new single ‘FUNNY!’.

The track follows a pair of debut singles from the project last year, ‘LO-FI’ and ‘P1nk Sungl4sses’.

Listen to ‘FUNNY!’ below:



Reichman was joined on ‘FUNNY!’ by bandmates Pete Stathopoulous and Ollie Cox. The track was produced by Calum Newtown and mixed and mastered by Sam Swain.

‘FUNNY!’ sees the songwriter examine the ramifications of reducing everything to a flippant joke, exacerbated by the internet and social media. Reichmann calls for sincerity in defiance of sardonic detachment on the chorus refrain, “I’m getting smothered in your irony / too many layers and it’s hard to breathe”.

In a press statement, Reichman said the song is “a statement about the downfall of our generation to sarcasm, irony and meme culture”.

“When we build our identities around being ‘funny’ all of the time, we often end up hiding up our true selves,” the self-described internet dweller explained.


“I learnt this lesson during a close friendship where my frustration at my friend being constantly deadpan and ironic allowed me to look in the mirror at my own habits of using humour as a shield.”