Tame Impala release “imaginary place” mix of ‘The Slow Rush’ for “all you isolators out there”

Put your headphones on for the full effect

Tame Impala have shared a special “imaginary place” mix of their latest studio album, ‘The Slow Rush’, to help fans get through self-isolation.

The almost hour-long clip features all 12 tracks that appear on the band’s new record. Each song has been muffled and edited to make it sound as though it’s being played from another room.

“I made something for all you isolators out there,” Kevin Parker tweeted earlier today (March 31). “I call it The Slow Rush In An Imaginary Place.” He also recommended that listeners wear headphones in order to enjoy the mix in its “full immersive effect”.


Check it out the mix below:

Tame Impala released ‘The Slow Rush’, the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2015 album ‘Currents’, earlier this February. The record received a glowing four-star review from NME’s Thomas Smith who called the album a “57-minute flex of every musical muscle in Kevin Parker’s body”.

Smith added: “Tame Impala are unlikely to lose any fans by embracing Parker’s pop sensibilities – genres are history, man – but you have to admire their wilful desire to push into new directions.”

Earlier this month, Tame Impala covered Lady Gaga’s 2016 single ‘Perfect Illusion’ on the opening night of their ‘The Slow Rush’ tour. The song was co-written by Parker for the pop star’s fifth album ‘Joanne’.


Tame Impala have rescheduled several of their upcoming tour dates to later in 2020 over the coronavirus concerns. The Australian band were set to play their biggest homecoming shows in April but have postponed the shows to December this year.

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