Tash Sultana releases new single, ‘Beyond The Pine’

Their third original single for the year

Tash Sultana has shared a new single, ‘Beyond The Pine’, ahead of the release of their forthcoming album, ‘Terra Firma’.

Sultana first teased the track’s release on social media on Monday (September 7). It follows on from Sultana’s earlier 2020 singles, ‘Greed‘ and ‘Pretty Lady‘.

Listen to ‘Beyond The Pine’ below:


In an Instagram post, the singer said the track is about loving “no matter the colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality or identity”.

“A little bit of a slower softer approach to a message from within, ‘Beyond The Pine’ is about finding solace in nature and realizing the depth of your relationship when you find your one,” they said.

In an interview with NME Australia back in April, Sultana explained the message behind the forthcoming LP.

“Terra firma is the ground, the earth, you put your feet on it to remember where you are, what you’re from,” they explain.

“It’s a reminder that we are only human at the end of the day. Part of one big system and no one really knows the answers to how and why.”


Sultana also said a lot has changed since they wrote the tracks for their first album, 2018’s ‘Flow State’.

“Things change, so have I and so has the music. I understand the engineering perspective deeper now,” they said.

“Also having my own studio to record, as opposed to renting one… I can really take my time. I’ve put a lot more time, effort and hours into this record.”

Earlier this year, Sultana officially released their cover of Shawn James’ track, ‘Through The Valley‘, recorded for the release of The Last of Us Part II. The singer-songwriter has also been locked in for Bluefest’s 2021 instalment, as well as the New South Wales event series Great Southern Nights in November.