Tash Sultana shares studio jam rendition of ‘Pretty Lady’

The latest in a handful of live studio performances

Tash Sultana has released the latest in a string of ‘studio jam’ recordings to their YouTube channel, a rendition of their track ‘Pretty Lady’.

The new clip showcases how layered recordings are used to build the track, with Sultana seen performing percussion, guitars, keys and multiple vocal lines throughout the video.

Watch the live performance below:


‘Pretty Lady’ was released back in April last year as the lead single for Sultana’s forthcoming record ‘Terra Firma’, set for release February 19. Sultana’s studio jam rendition of the song follows on from similar recordings of ‘Gemini’, ‘Willow Tree’, ‘Beyond The Pine’ and ‘Greed’, all uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Sultana has released a number of singles from ‘Terra Firma’ in the lead-up to its release, the most recent song being ‘Sweet & Dandy’ last week. The other ‘Terra Firma’ singles released by Sultana are ‘Greed’, ‘Beyond the Pine’ and ‘Willow Tree’ featuring Jerome Farah.

Elsewhere on YouTube, Sultana has also shared a cover of Bon Iver’s song ‘Flume’, which they consider “one of my favourite songs of all time by one of my favourite artists of all time”, and premiered a formally unreleased track, ‘Into The Night’.