Tasman Keith and Jessica Mauboy team up for ‘Heaven With U’

Keith has praised Mauboy as being "at the forefront of Australian pop"

Tasman Keith has shared the fifth and final single from his debut studio album, ‘A Colour Undone’: ‘Heaven With U’ featuring Jessica Mauboy.

The single, released today (June 23), marks the second time Keith and Mauboy have worked together. The pair were first brought together by Midnight Oil, who enlisted both as collaborators on their 2020 single ‘First Nation’ from the album ‘The Makarrata Project’.

It is the latest in a string of singles Keith has rolled out in the lead-up to the album’s release: ‘5FT Freestyle’, ‘Love Too Soon’, ‘Cheque’ (featuring Genesis Owusu) and ‘IDK’ (featuring Phil Fresh). All five songs will appear on ‘A Colour Undone’, which is scheduled for release on Friday July 8.


Listen to ‘Heaven With U’ below:

In a press statement, Keith described the single as “a song that I wrote to myself”.

“[It’s] a song about finding bliss and enlightenment internally, which in turn will have you see it in others,” he said. “It’s a love song unto oneself, whilst at the same time being a song you can dedicate to anybody you truly find heaven in.”

Speaking on Mauboy’s inclusion on the track, Keith noted that once his parts of the song were completed, “the one thing it needed was something only Jess could provide”.

“Having a friendship with somebody who has been at the forefront of Australian pop is one thing,” he said. “Having a shared respect and understanding for each other through our heritage is another, and then to have that same person on a record is something beyond.”


In her own statement, Mauboy praised Keith as “evolutionary when it comes to how we see and feel about Australian music”.

“He is an incredibly talented artist and creator, and I’m so proud to be able work with him,” she said.

Keith is set to perform this weekend in the Western Sydney suburb of Blacktown as part of the free 4ESydney event. Others on the line-up include Barkaa, Kobie Dee and JK-47.

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