Tasman Keith and Kwame team up on explosive new single ‘ONE’

The pair take aim at "outdated things" in the music industry

Powerhouse rappers Tasman Keith and Kwame have teamed up on an explosive new single, ‘ONE’.

Taking aim at music industry players, Keith said of the track’s message in a press release, “‘ONE’ is our chance to not only show off and make one of the hardest tracks to date but also bring attention to certain things in the industry that we feel are outdated.”

In the accompanying music video, Keith and Kwame can be seen attempting to undergo negotiations with a corporate robot sat at a desk, papers piled high in front of them.


Watch the video for ‘ONE’ below”:

“I feel like there’s always been this level of respect that Tasman and I have for each other,” Kwame said of the song.

“I’ve always highly rated Tasman as an amazing all-round artist! In my opinion, he has one the sharpest pens within the rap community of Australia.”

Keith echoed the sentiment, adding, “There are very few in this country who as soon as they drop make me want to go into the studio and get to work, almost like a friendly competition. He is one of them.”


It’s not the first time the pair have teamed up on a song. Upon the release of Keith’s 2020 mixtape, ‘TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN’, Kwame undertook production duties on the cut ‘THESE DEVILS’, the pair later performing the song on Keith’s tour in support of his release.