Tasman Keith enlists Genesis Owusu for latest single ‘Cheque’

"The weirdo shit is cool, but it's time to rap"

The rollout for Tasman Keith‘s debut studio album has continued with the release of its third single, ‘Cheque’.

The song, which premiered this evening (April 6), sees Keith teaming up with Ghanaian-Australian artist Genesis Owusu. The two initially teased a collaboration back in November 2021, when Keith posted a photo of the pair in the studio together on Instagram.

‘Cheque’ follows on from ‘5FT Freestyle’ and ‘Love Too Soon’, which Keith released in January and February, respectively. Owusu, meanwhile, was last seen in February on ‘There’s Only One’, a collaboration with Winston Surfshirt.


An accompanying music video has been shared for the single, directed by Zain Ayub. Parts of the video were shot on the same day that Keith and Ayub made the video for ‘5FT Freestyle’, while adding in new footage of Keith alongside Owusu and Owusu’s hype men and backing vocalists, the Goon Club. Watch it below:


In a press statement, Keith explained that the song stylistically follows suit of ‘5FT Freestyle’, specifically honing in on the newfound persona portrayed within it. “[It’s] split into two parts, the abrasive ego and then the controlled version of that ego,” he said.

“Lyrically, it’s just having something to say over some crazy production. I called Genesis and told him I had a joint for him to talk his shit on… a few weeks later, he rolled through and locked in the verse.”


Owusu, meanwhile, had only this to say on the song: “Tasman specifically told me to flex. Talk that talk. The weirdo shit is cool, but it’s time to rap.”

In his own statement, Ayub praised Keith for his commitment “to his craft and his vision”, adding that Keith’s “openness allowed the idea” of the video “to flourish”.

“Initially, I wrote a narrative-driven concept that would showcase both Tasman and Genesis in a new light: confronting their own alter-egos, in a darker setting,” he said. “However, this evolved into a simpler approach to the video. Instead of tackling a narrative/conceptual idea, I felt it was apt to lean into the ‘fun’ nature of the sonics.”

Tasman Keith’s debut album, ‘A Colour Undone’, is set for release this July.