Taylor Momsen says collaborations are “overdone” and “a marketing tool”

"That's something that I don't personally love, by any means"

The Pretty Reckless‘ Taylor Momsen has shared her dislike for collaborations in the modern era, calling them overdone.

Momsen’s band released their new album ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ last month.

“I didn’t go into this record with the intention of featuring anyone. I never do, that’s not how I think, that’s not how I write songs,” Momsen told Loudwire Nights of her plans going into the new album.


“Collaborations, I think, especially now in today’s paradigm, can be very overdone. They can be used more so as like a marketing tool more than like, an actual artistic collaboration. And that’s something that I don’t personally love, by any means.”

“For me, the songs come first. That’s the core of it, that’s the whole thing,” she added. “The song dictates where it should go and who should be a part of it, and who can elevate the song to the highest level possible.”

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Reviewing The Pretty Reckless’ new album ‘Death By Rock And Roll’, NME wrote: “Momsen displays incredible vocal control throughout the record – her delivery is invariably the best thing about ‘Death By Rock And Roll’.

“‘And So It Went’, a raw and energised collaboration with guitar god Tom Morello, is delivered with snarling intensity; the semi-autobiographical ’25’, a rousing number that explores the singer’s lifelong idolisation of troubled rock heroes, amps up the drama of her resilient voice.”


Momsen spoke to NME about the new album, the death of her touring partner and friend Chris Cornell, and how rock and roll saved her life, in a new video interview – watch it in full above.

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