Taylor Swift narrates promo for Team USA’s Olympic gymnastics competitors

The promo, soundtracked by Swift's 'Evermore' title track, hypes up US athletes Sunisa Lee and Jade Carey

Taylor Swift has narrated a promo spot for NBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympic Games, hyping Team USA’s women’s all-around gymnastics athletes Sunisa Lee and Jade Carey.

“Life can surprise you,” Swift says as the title track to her 2020 album ‘Evermore’, featuring Bon Iver, plays underneath. “It can humble you. It can test you. It can inspire you. They didn’t expect this to be the story, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t ready for the spotlight.

“They’ve worked for this. They’ve dreamed about this. They belong here. So don’t be surprised as the story takes flight from here in the women’s all-around in Tokyo,” Swift concludes over footage of Lee and Carey.


The women’s gymnastics all-arounds took place on Thursday (July 29), with Lee winning gold in the competition and Carey in eighth place. Carey replaced Simone Biles in the competition, after her withdrawal earlier this week.

In other Swift news, the singer recently shared the original version of her ‘Folklore’ track ‘The Lakes’ to celebrate the album’s one-year anniversary.

“It’s been one year since we escaped the real world together and imagined ourselves someplace simpler,” Swift wrote on Instagram at the time.

“With tall tall trees and salt air. Where you’re allowed to wear lace nightgowns that make you look like a Victorian ghost every day & no one will side eye you cause no one is around. It’s just you and your imaginary cabin and the stories you make up to pass the time.”


It was also recently revealed that Swift will not be submitting the re-recording of her 2008 album ‘Fearless’ for Grammys consideration, her label has confirmed. The singer will instead focus on submitting ‘Evermore’ for all eligible categories.