Taylor Swift once recorded a sweary 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’

"That was a very serendipitous creation of a song"

Taylor Swift has opened up on the origins of fan-favourite ‘All Too Well’, revealing that the track originally started life as a 10-minute epic.

Appearing on Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums podcast, Swift revealed how the track, which features on 2012’s ‘Red’, started with an ad-libbing session in the recording studio.

“It included the F-word and basically I remember my sound guy was like, ‘Hey, I burned a CD of that thing that you were doing in case you want it.’ And I was like, ‘Sure,'” Swift explained.


“I ended up taking it home and listening to it. And I was like, ‘I actually really like this but it definitely is like 10 minutes long and I need to pare it down.'”

But in the end, she and songwriter Liz Rose opted to cut down seven extra verses, which resulted in the final cut of the emotional track.

“That was a very serendipitous creation of a song,” Swift added.

The look back at her career comes after Swift confirmed she has started re-recording her first six albums as the ownership of her back catalogue changed hands for the second time within less than two years.

taylor swift live performance betty ACMA getty images
Taylor Swift performing ‘Betty’ at the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards (Picture: ACMA2020 for Getty Images)

Swift confirmed earlier this week that her masters had been sold to the private equity company Shamrock Holdings. They were previously owned by Scooter Braun and his media holding company, Ithaca Holdings LLC, after Ithaca acquired the Big Machine Label Group back in June 2019.


The acquisition gave the company the rights to six of Swift’s albums from her 2006 self-titled debut through to 2017’s ‘Reputation’.

Following Ithaca’s acquisition of Big Machine in June 2019, Swift accused Braun in an open letter of “incessant manipulative bullying” and said that she was “sad and grossed out” when it emerged that Braun controlled her master records. Braun later claimed that he had “no malicious intent” and “did everything aboard”.

In a bid to reclaim control of her music, Swift stated in August 2019 that she planned to re-record the songs from her first six records.

Swift said in a statement this week that she had “recently begun re-recording my older music and it has proven to be both exciting and creatively fulfilling”. She also said that she has “plenty of surprises in store”.