Taylor Swift’s friend Todrick Hall shares point-by-point response to Kim Kardashian over leaked call

"Wash your hands everyone, not just for Corona but for filthy dirty shady lying crusty rat-snakes"

Taylor Swift‘s associate Todrick Hall has taken to social media to deliver a point-by-point response to Kim Kardashian following the recent leak of Swift and Kanye West‘s infamous phone call.

The infamous phone conversation surrounding Kanye’s 2016 track ‘Famous’ leaked online over the weekend, leading to a war of words since from multiple parties.

Swift has recently said she was “framed” by Kanye, alleging that the rapper “illegally recorded” their phone conversation, to which Kardashian replied that Swift was being “self-serving” amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Swift hasn’t replied to the latest claims herself, but her friend Hall has now criticised Kardashian in a point-by-point response shared over a number of social media posts.

“Taylor didn’t [reignite] anything, Kris [Jenner] probably leaked this footage her damn self,” Hall said in the first of multiple posts, all of which you can see below. “Just apologize, you self absorbed entitled, stubborn little queef,” he added.

In her recent criticism, Kardashian compared her and Kanye’s recording of the phone conversation to Swift’s recent Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. “This comparison is just honestly mind boggling and low key iconic that she thinks this is even remotely the same thing,” Hall has hit back.

“Difference is, Taylor had everyone featured in her documentary sign releases and here’s a crazy concept SHE TOLD THEM THAT THEY WERE BEING FILMED & RECORDED! PERIODT.”

Hall went on to say that “this is not the example [Kardashian] should be setting for her children or her audience.


“If somebody did this to YOUR CHILD, THREE TIMES, I have a feeling you, your family and your team of professional exploiters at E! would have a very different opinion. Wash your hands everyone, not just for Corona but for filthy dirty shady lying crusty rat-snakes doing shady things out here in these pandemic streets.”

Taylor Swift won the Best Solo Act In The World award at last month’s NME Awards 2020. “I am inspired by all of you,” she said in her acceptance speech.