TEEKS shares heartfelt new single ‘First Time’

Taken from forthcoming debut album 'Something To Feel'

New Zealand Māori artist TEEKS has released a new single, the stirring ‘First Time’.

Dropping yesterday (March 5), ‘First Time’ is a soul-infused offering that harks back to the style of TEEKS’ debut EP, ‘The Grapefruit Skies’, released in 2017.

The track is lifted from TEEKS’ forthcoming full-length album, ‘Something To Feel’, which has been slow-released in three parts but will drop in its full form on March 26 via Sony Music New Zealand.


Listen to ‘First Time’ below:

In a press statement, TEEKS – real name Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi – talked of the roots of the release, saying it is an “album of deep emotion”, one which showcases the singer-songwriter’s “connection to family, heritage and country through the lens of Te Ao Māori”.

“Coming into this new album, writing about myself and how I am navigating my emotions internally, and the whole ocean of what that is, I have always tried to suppress so much of me,” TEEKS said.

“This is a story about maturity and growth as a person. A coming of age.”


The album’s first single ‘Without You’ was released last August, and was quickly followed that same month by single, ‘I’.

TEEKS then went on to release a profound love song, ‘Remember Me’, in October. Its official music video marked TEEKS’ directorial debut.