Watch Teenage Joans’ video for Unearthed High-winning song ‘Three Leaf Clover’

The Adelaide pop-punk duo craft and skate in the new video

Teenage Joans have shared a video for ‘Three Leaf Clover’, the song that saw them win this year’s triple j Unearthed High contest.

“As this was our first proper music video, we wanted to paint the perfect picture of exactly who we are. We wanted to show our personalities, passions, hobbies and our fun creative side that exists outside of our music and live shows,” the band’s Cahli Blakers explained in a statement.

“We featured some of our favourite activities like crafts, ice skating and skating as well as featuring an all-female/gender-diverse skate crew to showcase who we are and our values.”


Watch the video, directed by Thomas Schaefer and Jack Bielby, below:

Teenage Joans won Unearthed High in September with ‘Three Leaf Clover’, which they originally released back in March of this year.

“You can already picture the heaving moshes at their live shows, loose road trips in the tour van and the cult fandom that’s sure to spawn stan accounts and inspire tattoos of their lyrics,” Unearthed music director Dave Ruby Howe said at the time.

As a result, the Adelaide pop-punk duo will receive assistance recording, producing and mastering their next single, along with professional industry advice and mentoring.

They join the likes of previous Unearthed High winners such as Arno FarajiKianGretta RayJapanese Wallpaper and George Alice.