Teether and Kuya Neil share ‘Lung’ from forthcoming collaborative mixtape

'GLYPH' will arrive next month

Teether and Kuya Neil have shared ‘Lung’, a new track from their forthcoming collaborative mixtape ‘GLYPH’ ahead of its arrival next month.

Following on from last month’s Sevy-assisted ‘Addy’, the Melbourne MC and producer duo’s latest is self-described as “a long exhale”, and features hazy production buoyed by reverb-heavy guitar and trap beats.

“It’s letting your phone ring out to prioritise a moment of personal wellbeing,” the duo explained in a statement. “This is a pop song for avoidant types.”


Watch the accompanying video for ‘Lung’ below:

‘GLYPH’ is set to arrive on November 5 via Chapter Music, who announced they had signed Teether and Kuya Neil in August alongside the duo’s debut song for the label, ‘Theory’.

It will mark the duo’s second collaborative project, after they released their ‘God of Surprises’ EP this past February on Teether’s own X Amount Records.

In April, Teether’s project Too Birds – alongside fellow rapper Realname and producer Mr. Society – released their second album, ‘Melbourne 2’, which featured the single ‘Monstera Heaven’. Teether has also released a string of singles this year, including the Agung Mango collaboration ‘Osedax’, ‘Dart Thief’ and ‘Lifeblood’.


Neil, meanwhile, has released music as part of New Zealand rap ensemble Fanau Spa. He’s also collaborated with Melbourne underground acts such as Papaphilia and Various Asses.