Teischa releases music video for ‘Be Alone’

The track was released in late July

Perth singer/songwriter Teischa has released the music video for her recent single, ‘Be Alone’.

The clip was directed by Fremantle filmmaker Luna Laure, who has also created work for Jack River, Kllo and Paige Valentine. Watch the video below:


In a statement, Teischa explained the symbolism behind the clip, including our “increasing dependence on technology”.

“I was in a long distance relationship for a couple [of] years and a lot of that time was spent looking at his face, as well as my own reflection, over FaceTime,” she said.

“The ‘Be Alone’ clip is based around the idea of modern love through technology, how we’ve learnt how to feel close to people who are far away and finding comfort in the distance.”

‘Be Alone’ was released in late July and is lifted from a currently-unnamed larger body of work from Teischa. The track first began as a demo before being properly recorded and released.

“You know when you hear a song or read something that just perfectly explains where you’re at in life and it almost shocks you a little bit that someone else could be feeling the same shit you are? I kind of did that to myself with this song,” she said.


“I probably couldn’t have finished it back then because I needed to go through whatever life was going to throw at me.”

Earlier this year, Teischa released an eight-track mixtape, ‘Momentary‘, which came with an 18-minute visual.