Teischa reveals brand new single, ‘be alone’

Taken from an as-yet-untitled larger body of work

Fremantle-born artist Teischa has revealed a brand new song, ‘be alone’.

The intimate track, released today (July 30), began as a demo before the singer revisited it and realised its importance to her.

“You know when you hear a song or read something that just perfectly explains where you’re at in life and it almost shocks you a little bit that someone else could be feeling the same shit you are? I kind of did that to myself with this song,” Teischa said in a statement.


“I probably couldn’t have finished it back then because I needed to go through whatever life was going to throw at me.”

‘be alone’ is accompanied by an official lyric video. Watch it below:

‘be alone’ has been taken from a forthcoming “greater body of work”, the details of which are yet to be revealed, except that it is due for release later this year.

Today’s single is the follow-up to Teischa’s eight-track mixtape ‘momentary’, released in April. When ‘momentary’ dropped, Teischa described the mixtape as “a raw and real insight into my life over the last two years”.


“Being an artist has been a really weird thing for me,” she said. “Writing songs and pouring my heart into music is the most natural and therapeutic thing I do, but actually opening up and letting people in is terrifying.

“I’m in a place now where I’m ready to be honest.”