That Festival Site launches with database of 95 Australian and New Zealand festivals

More than 900 line-ups, 19,000 artists and 30 years of live music have been chronicled

A new website built to share information and archival data on music festivals in Australia and New Zealand – dubbed That Festival Site – has launched with an itinerary of 95 events, spanning across them more than 900 line-ups, 19,000 artists and 30 years of live music.

Although the site is not purely archival – much of the information and resources offered pertains to upcoming festivals – the new website has a large focus on compiling data from previous iterations of long-running events.

Each festival is given an overview page, which lays out the average ticket prices and a breakdown of line-ups by percentage of local and international acts across a series of diversely-organised graphs. The pages also provide a ranking of the artists that appear on the most iterations, referred to as the ‘Hall Of Fame’.


In addition to a broader overview page, festival data can be explored in more depth when viewed by year. For example, when viewing the page for 2019’s edition of Splendour In The Grass, site visitors are able to see a breakdown for each type of ticket that was sold (and the fees charged for them).

They can also see precisely when date, line-up and schedule announcements were made, as well as a breakdown of the genres represented across the line-up and graphics for that edition’s line-up, schedule and map.

These are presented, in part, to give festival-goes an idea of what to expect from future editions. Because this year’s edition of Splendour In The Grass is yet to take place, That Festival Site’s overview page includes a countdown and a link to the official ticket resale facility (as the festival has sold out). News and updates to the festival are due to be shared on the site as they come.

Also included for all festivals listed is information on its locale, age limits, average capacity, and for those still active, how quickly they tend to sell out (in the case of Splendour, “typically immediately”).

Festivals are organised on the site in two ways. Events can be found by way of a calendar module, which can be filtered in three different ways. Festivals can be searched by type (ie. multi- or single-day, and touring or singular), via status (active or cancelled), and via country. A more straightforward list simply collates the entire slate of festivals from the database into a column – this, however, is also customisable via the aforementioned filters.

As reported by The Music Network, That Festival Site was created by 21-year-old Jack Malloch, who claims he was “driven to build this directory after struggling to find the information I wanted about festivals on one comprehensive site”.


“The momentum we’re building is beginning to strongly position us as the go-to news source for first-time and experienced festival lovers across Australia and New Zealand,” he said.