The 1975’s Matty Healy talks writing music in lockdown: “There’s been a massive reset”

Healy was talking to Annie Mac while premiering the band's new single

The 1975‘s Matty Healy has revealed that he’s self-isolating in the studio which the band made their last two albums, and is working on new music.

Healy was speaking to Annie Mac on Radio 1 last night (April 23) while premiering The 1975’s new single ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’.

“Like everybody else, I’m in the same situation and taking it day by day,” Healy said of his current mindset. “I feel really, really lucky to keep being able to do what I do, when so many people can’t. I’m just trying to not take that for granted.


Revealing that he’s isolating in the studio where The 1975 made their last two albums, Healy added: “As soon as [lockdown] started to happen, I know that it was a safe, boxed-off area that I could go. I’ve been here ever since.

“We didn’t have any plans to be making our own music right now, because we were going to be on tour, but we managed to make this place a little Dirty Hit thing. We’ve been self-isolating with a couple of people from the label. We’ve been working on their music and working on our music.”

Speaking of the process of creating new music while in lockdown, he said: “It’s been natural, but it’s been productive. It’s a weird time, and I didn’t think this was gonna happen. With such a massive seismic shift, I’m very into narrative and drama, and [I was originally thinking] ‘Is this the last thing for the band? Is this the end of an era?'”

“I do get turned on by all those ideas, but now there’s been a massive reset. It feels like a different world already. If we wanna exist in this world, we’re gonna have to do something else.”


Reviewing ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’, NME wrote: “Britain’s best band are getting better. Illuminating their heartfelt emotion for all to see, ‘If You’re Too Shy…’ sees The 1975 at their glorious, gargantuan best.”

The band will release their fourth album, ‘Notes On Conditional Form’, on May 22.

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