The Bats announce new album ‘Foothills’, share single ‘Warwick’

Their 10th studio album is out November 13

The Bats have announced the release of their 10th studio album, ‘Foothills’. To mark the occasion, the New Zealand jangle rock band have shared the first single, ‘Warwick’.

The track’s music video, filmed by, directed by and starring Conor Bowden, is a literal ode to hanging out with yourself – Bowden plays golf with multiple versions of himself. Watch it below.

The Bats recorded the bulk of ‘Foothills’ in 2018 at a makeshift recording studio at Kowai Bush, in the Canterbury foothills of the Southern Alps.


In a press release, frontman Robert Scott described the breathlessly quick recording sessions.

“Many carloads arrived at the house, full of amps guitars and recording gear, we set up camp and soon made it feel like home; coloured lights, a log fire, and home cooked meals in the kitchen,” Scott said.

“We worked fast, and within a few days had all the basic backing tracks done, live together in one room, the way we like to do it – it’s all about ‘the feel’ for songs like ours.”

‘Foothills’ follows the release of the band’s 2017 album ‘The Deep Set’. It’s due out on November 13 on Flying Nun Records.

The tracklist of ‘Foothills’ is: 

  1. ‘Trade In Silence’
  2. ‘Warwick’
  3. ‘Beneath The Visor’
  4. ‘Scrolling’
  5. ‘Another Door’
  6. ‘Red Car’
  7. ‘Field of Vision’
  8. ‘Change Is All’
  9. ‘As You Were’
  10. ‘Smaller Pieces’
  11. ‘Gone To Ground’
  12. ‘Electric Sea View’