The Bennies announce Melbourne gig to farewell three members

They assured fans that “there is no bad blood at all between the band”

The Bennies have shared details for a headline show in Melbourne next month, announcing it yesterday (June 14) with the news that more than half of the band’s line-up would be leaving.

The show will take place at the Corner Hotel on Saturday July 23, and serve as the band’s final performance with drummer David “Bowie” Beaumont, guitarist Jules Rozenbergs and bassist Nick Williams. Support will come from 28 Days, The Porkers, Loser and The Resignators. Tickets are on sale now from the venue’s website.

With Beaumont’s departure, signer Anty Horgan is now the only founding member of The Bennies to still be involved with the band. Rozenbergs joined in 2012, while Williams came onboard in 2018, shortly after the release of that year’s ‘Natural Born Chillers’ album.


The band are yet to confirm any of the departing members’ replacements; for the time being, their line-up is rounded out by turntablist Graham “DJ Snes Mega” Leach, who joined in 2019.

In a statement shared on social media, the band said that Beaumont, Rozenbergs and Williams decided to leave because “the hangovers are way too real”. They assured fans that “there is no bad blood at all between the band”, and that they will continue with Horgan and Leach. “We have started working on new music,” they confirmed, noting that they will “be releasing some new tunes kinda soonish”.

Yo yo yo! We are throwing a massive party to wish a farewell to 3 of the dudes! Jules, nick and bowie have decided the…

Posted by The Bennies on Monday, June 13, 2022

Williams never appeared on any of The Bennies’ studio albums, but released three standalone singles with them: ‘Waiting For Dave’ and ‘Green Mitsubishis’ in 2019, and the ‘Bloodsuckin Hordes’/‘Vampires Hate Energy Fields’ double A-side in 2020. He joined the band after the departure of co-frontman Craig Selak, who would eventually go on to form Loser and release two albums, the most recent of which being last year’s ‘All The Rage’.

Last year, The Bennies attracted controversy after Horgan was spotted performing at an event protesting vaccine mandates. He performed at the rally – which was hosted by One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts – with his solo project. Horgan acknowledged his appearance after receiving backlash from Bennies fans, saying he went to the event “to see what people had to say about it”.

He later shared two lengthy apologies, admitting that he’d “aligned [himself] with racism” and stating that he “[has] a responsibility to my community to look into what I’m doing and stand up for what is right”. On how it affected his other band, Horgan said: “Please don’t take the stupidity of my decision to perform at this event out on the other members of The Bennies, they had no idea and it was solely my action.”