The Buoys and Baby Beef side-project Green Screen releases second single ‘Date Night’

The new song is dedicated to a late friend of the band

Sydney electropop duo Green Screen have shared their latest single, entitled ‘Date Night’.

The project features Zoe Catterall and Hewett Cook, who are the respective lead vocalists of Sydney bands The Buoys and Baby Beef. The duo announced their formation in March 2021, having formed a bond following their main bands performing together the year prior. They released their debut single, ‘I Am Boring’, later that month.

Listen to ‘Date Night’ below:


In a statement shared to their social media, the duo dedicated the release of the single to a friend, Rikky, who recently passed away.

“Without a doubt, [he] has always been the most supportive love of ours and Sydney music as a whole,” they wrote.

“The love he gave will live forever in our music.”

‘Date Night’ is the latest in a series of new music released by projects involving members of The Buoys. Lead guitarist Hilary Geddes recently released her debut jazz album, ‘Parkside’, with the Hilary Geddes Quartet. Drummer Tess Wilkin’s band Megafauna released the single ‘Romance Left for Bread’, while bassist Courtney Cunningham’s band Good Pash shared a new song entitled ‘Give Your Girlfriend Your PIN Number’.


Baby Beef, meanwhile, recently released the single ‘It Stings’. It is the first single from the trio to not feature Cook on lead vocals, with member Cameron Stephens taking them instead.