The Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl announces new solo album ‘Everyday Amen’, shares lead single

It will mark the former Cat Empire frontman's third solo album

The Cat Empire‘s Felix Riebl has announced that he’s gearing up to release a new solo album, titled ‘Everyday Amen’.

Riebl made the announcement today (July 15), sharing the album’s lead single to mark the occasion. The record’s titular track, ‘Everyday Amen’, flits between delicate piano and string arrangements to more powerful passages, building to a final, energetic conclusion.

Check out the track’s lyric video below.


“Sometimes the lyrics for a song just seem to flow, and though you don’t understand them, intuitively they feel like they punch and resonate musically,” Riebl said of the song in a press statement. “It’s a great feeling when that happens, when you’re speaking and don’t feel the need to really understand what you’re saying.”

“This song, which became the title track, introduces everything the album’s about. I wanted it to feel like an overture for something grand and subtle, introspective and extrovert. I wanted to turn the everyday on its head.

“The question, what’s an ‘Everyday Amen?’ has informed all the visuals around the album… it’s that particular feeling of viewing your familiar world in an unfamiliar way. It can be filled with grace, or just plain ridiculous.”

The forthcoming album, ‘Everyday Amen’, features Andy Balwin on production and engineering, and Ross Irwin on co-production and arrangement. It will mark Riebl’s third solo album, following on from 2016’s ‘Paper Doors’ and 2011’s ‘Into The Rain’. He also released an EP in 2020 titled ‘Black Room White Walls’.

“The songs, which range from the raw to the near orchestral, live in places where life overflows, in one way or another,” Riel continued. “For me, this album is the coming together of those different states. It’s a celebration of the extrovert and introvert in me, and the music comes to life at those points where the familiar flips and suddenly becomes magic.”


Riebl has dedicated the album to his brother Max, who passed away from brain cancer this year.

‘Everyday Amen’ is due out on November 25. Find the tracklist and album artwork below:

1. ‘Everyday Amen’
2. ‘Barcelona Beers’
3. ‘Liar’
4. ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’
5. ‘Until The Beat Is Gone’
6. ‘Orfeo’
7. ‘Carry Your Scar’
8. ‘Saturday Night (Speckles Of Light)’
9. ‘Vampires’
10. ‘Something’
11. ‘Are You Awake Love? (Anya’s Song)’

The Cat Empire recently announced plans to disband, with original members Riebl and keyboardist Ollie McGill to relaunch the outfit under a new name. They performed their final show at Bluesfest in April, ending more than 20 years as a band.