The Chats release debut album, ‘High Risk Behaviour’

Featuring singles 'The Clap', 'Pub Feed', 'Identity Theft', 'Dine and Dash' and 'Do What I Want'

Today (March 27), The Chats have released their debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’ on their own label, Bargain Bin – listen to it below.

The self-proclaimed shed rock trio’s debut album arrives three years after the viral success of ‘Smoko’ and after two EPs. NME awarded ‘High Risk Behaviour’ four stars out of five, calling it “the perfect soundtrack to being broke, bored and optimistic”.


NME Australia spoke to The Chats about their new album in their native Queensland earlier this year, when the band were our cover stars.

“We’ve gotten better. When we started, we were pretty rubbish, which totally warranted some criticism,” bassist-vocalist Eamon Sandwith said. “At the start we just plugged in, no tuner, just fucking go for it. Now you kind of get to a point where there’s only so far that that can take ya.”

Sandwith also spoke about the unwitting influence of UK hip-hop on the record and the band’s humble beginnings in their hometown of Coolum on the Sunshine Coast. He told NME Australia the album cut ‘Keep The Grubs Out’ is inspired by the time he was barred from entering a Brisbane bar because of his mullet.

“They’ll happily turn a blind eye to people selling pingers [ecstasy] in their fucking club, but they won’t let me in because of my haircut,” he said.

The new album features singles ‘The Clap’, ‘Pub Feed’, ‘Identity Theft’, ‘Do What I Want’ and ‘Dine and Dash’. The music video for ‘Dine and Dash’, directed by Matt Weston, caused nothing less than a national sensation upon release due to the cameo of Jack K (previously known as Cecil Edwards), better known as the viral “Mr Democracy Manifest”. NME Australia was there behind the scenes.


On March 19, The Chats postponed their forthcoming US tour due to coronavirus and travel ban concerns. The band is still slated to tour Australia this coming August.