The Chats share lyric video for ‘Drunk and Disorderly’

The Chats have continued the rollout of their debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’ with the release of a lyric video for album cut ‘Drunk and Disorderly’.

The new lyric video is cartooned in the style of the album’s pencilled cover, animating the band’s mixological exploits. Watch it below:


The lyric video is the first of its kind from the band, whose previous music videos have been live action and directed by the band’s manager Matt Weston. It is unclear whether ‘Drunk and Disorderly’ will receive a single release of its own.

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Yesterday, The Chats released their debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’ on their own label, Bargain Bin. It features singles ‘The Clap’, ‘Pub Feed’, ‘Identity Theft’, ‘Do What I Want’ and ‘Dine and Dash’. NME awarded ‘High Risk Behaviour’ four stars out of five, and said ‘Drunk and Disorderly’ sounds like “QOTSA’s classic rock banger ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ on a budget of loose change and IOUs”.

The music video for ‘Dine and Dash’, directed by Matt Weston, caused nothing less than a national sensation upon release due to the cameo of Jack K (previously known as Cecil Edwards), better known as the viral “Mr Democracy Manifest”. NME Australia was there behind the scenes.

On March 19, The Chats postponed their forthcoming US tour due to coronavirus and travel ban concerns. The band is still slated to tour Australia this coming August.