The Chats to headline Airwaves drive-in music festival

Festivals are on their way back

The Chats lead the inaugural Airwaves lineup, a new three-date and all ages drive-in music festival set to hit Sunshine Coast later this year.

Taking place just an hour north of Brisbane, Airwaves – an outer-spaced theme event – will be the first of its kind event in Australia with a lineup also including The Dreggs, Sahara Beck, Bugs, Pierce Brothers and more.

Per a press release, event director Cindy Jensen was inspired to create the event to defy speculations that festivals wouldn’t take place for another two summers.


“Reading it set off a rocket launch fire inside me and I wanted to bring some confidence back into an industry that has been so hard hit and affected,” said Jensen.

“I miss travelling and the freedom it brings and the spacesuit represents the feeling COVID-19 confinement has had on me personally.”

The event will take place over three days – Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 July – with three acts playing each day and tickets for each day being sold separately. Friday and Saturday’s shows will be taking place in the evening, with Sunday’s show happening in the afternoon.

Tickets for Airwaves are available here.

The Airwaves 2020 lineup is:

The Chats
The Dreggs
Pierce Brothers
Sahara Beck
Toxic Fox
Being Jane Lane
Salt & Steel