The Chills announce new album ‘Scatterbrain’, share new single ‘Monolith’

Watch the UFO Magazine collage music video for 'Monolith' now

Innovators of the Dunedin sound, The Chills have announced a new album ‘Scatterbrain’.

The record is set to be their third since the release of 2015’s ‘Silver Bullets’, which was their first full-length album in 19 years upon its release.

The Chills have shared ‘Monolith’ ahead of ‘Scatterbrain’s release, with lead singer-songwriter Martin Phillipps offering a cryptic press statement on its meaning.


“There are hard but important truths in our history,” Phillipps said. “I know that it’s often said that you learn from those lessons or you’ll end up repeating the mistakes. So one should respect and consider the ancient ways. You belittle them at your peril.”

‘Monolith’ arrives with a collaged, animated music video by Jonny Sanders made up of old UFO magazines – watch it below.

Phillipps said many of the images in the clip came from a collection of ’70s UFO magazines he had found.

“This was a big craze back then and I instantly thought it had a great aesthetic and lent a humorous element to a fairly literal song about ancient stones. The final video contains a mix of genuine articles and ones I’ve made up!” he said.

‘Scatterbrain’ will be released on May 14 via Fire.


Between albums, The Chills reissued their classic albums ‘Submarine Bells’ and ‘Soft Bomb’ in 2019. A documentary about the history of the band and Phillipps’ current struggles with Hepatitis C, The Chills – The Triumph & Tragedy of Martin Phillipps, was released the same year.

The tracklist of The Chills’ ‘Scatterbrain’ is: 

1. ‘Monolith’
2. ‘Hourglass’
3. ‘Destiny’
4. ‘Caught in My Eye’
5. ‘You’re Immortal’
6. ‘Little Alien’
7. ‘Safe and Sound’
8. ‘Worlds Within Worlds’
9. ‘Scatterbrain’
10. ‘The Walls Beyond Abandon’