The Cribs’ Gary Jarman pays sweet tribute to brother Ryan Jarman on their 40th birthday

"I just want you to know that you are my best friend and the finest fucking guitarist I have ever worked with"

The Cribs’ Gary Jarman has paid tribute to his brother Ryan Jarman to mark their 40th birthday today (October 20).

The twins, who serve as bassist and guitarist in the Wakefield three-piece respectively, are celebrating their joint milestone today, with Gary writing in a post on the band’s social media accounts this morning that he couldn’t “believe that we made it to 40”.

“After a life in the cryogenic chamber of being touring musicians, it feels so strange to be writing this with the context that only an enforced period away from the things we love can give,” Gary wrote in reference to the coronavirus-enforced shutdown of live music this year.


Sharing an image of the brothers together as children and a scan of their respective student ID cards from when they attended Barnsley College, Gary continued: “It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating our 20th birthday, starting Barnsley College and having these ID photos taken – and then, shortly afterwards, starting The Cribs.

“I can’t believe that 20 years later (half our lives!) not only are we about to release a new album, but an album that we both agree wholeheartedly is our best. I’m just really proud.

The Cribs
The Cribs (Picture: Getty)

“It seems particularly cruel that not only has this garbage fire of a year taken us away from our on the road camaraderie and shared sense of purpose and mission, but also prevented us from being able to be together just to hang out on such a significant day.”

Gary concluded by praising his brother further: “I just want you to know that you are my best friend and the finest fucking guitarist I have ever worked with (and we’ve worked with some damned good ones over the years!).”


The Cribs will release their latest album ‘Night Network’ on November 13.

Last week the band shared the video for ‘Never Thought I’d Feel Again’, which is the latest track to be taken from the forthcoming LP.

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