The Cribs thank fans for support after revealing they were “seriously questioning our future as a band”

The Wakefield trio returned last week with a new album announcement and single

The Cribs have thanked their fans for their continued support in a message which also reveals that they were “seriously questioning our future as a band” late last year.

The Wakefield three-piece announced their return last week by sharing their new single ‘Running Into You’, taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Night Network’. The LP, which is out on November 13, is the Cribs’ first new album since August 2017’s ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’.

Writing to fans on their social media this morning (August 18) about their return, The Cribs said they “wanted to send a message to try and express our gratitude for your support and the love we have felt from you since we announced our return!


“Towards the end of last year, we honestly could not even begin to imagine coming back and were seriously questioning our future as a band — it felt almost like a distant dream or something,” the band said. “So I can’t tell you how great it feels to be welcomed back like that.”

The Cribs continued: “In these unsettling times for everyone, seeing you all come out for us in that way and knowing that you have been waiting for us all this time — and that we can depend on you — has been a huge morale boost… so we hope ‘Running Into You’ has given you a kick too!”

The band added that they have “so many more surprises planned for you — this is honestly just the tip of the iceberg…”

Back in June, The Cribs reunited with former Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo to perform a special remote version of ‘Be Safe’.

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