The Cribs used Roger Taylor’s snare drum from the ‘Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert’ on their new album — thanks to Taylor Hawkins

The piece of kit was originally gifted to Hawkins by the Queen drummer

The Cribs were gifted the use of the snare drum played by Queen drummer Roger Taylor during the 1992 ‘Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert’ for recording their new album — all thanks to Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins.

Ahead of the November release of their new album ‘Night Network’, which was recorded at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 in LA last year, the Wakefield trio have begun sharing behind-the-scenes clips from the making of the record.

In the second instalment of ‘Night Network Newsflash’, drummer Ross Jarman can be seen playing the drums and using Taylor’s snare, which was gifted to Queen mega-fan Hawkins by Taylor himself.


Bassist Gary Jarman goes on to explain in the below video how he and his brother Ryan wanted to go to ‘The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert’ at Wembley Stadium in April 1992 as their first-ever concert — only for their parents to drag them to an Easter fair instead.

“Me and Ry sulked our way around that Easter fair because we knew that gig was going on that weekend,” Gary explained, clarifying that the brothers were 11 at that point.

“They had to lie and pretend to all their friends that they’d gone,” Ross added.

“We were so disappointed that our mum was like: ‘Just tell everyone that you went anyway,'” Gary remembered. “We knew that everyone was going to give us shit — the kids were giving us a hard time when Freddie died anyway. So we told them that we went, which was depressing.

“But who’s laughing now, eh?”


Last week saw The Cribs launch a new hotline to answers fan questions.