The Distillers’ Brody Dalle and her family test positive for new COVID variant

"It has been pervasive, unsettling and brutal"

The DistillersBrody Dalle has revealed that she and her family have tested positive for a new coronavirus variant.

The Australian singer-songwriter took to social media on July 24 to share the diagnosis, explaining that they found out while on vacation and that “it has been pervasive, unsettling and brutal”.

“Me , my kids , my boyfriend and his kids are all Positive for SARS CoV -2 . We are on day 7 of a 10 day quarantine,” Dalle wrote alongside a picture of her and her boyfriend in hospital. “We found out on vacation and it has been pervasive , unsettling and brutal.


“It started with my youngest , runny eyes and runny nose and slowly but surely picked us off one by one…..some of the symptoms didn’t seem like covid , honestly I thought it was allergies and I even got a prescription for bronchitis …it wasn’t until my temp hit 103.7 and my boyfriend hit 104.5 and the body aches laid us out and we couldn’t breathe, that we went to the hospital, after my doctor asked ‘are you sure you don’t have new covid’….the kids all stayed/stay consistently between 99-101.5….our symptoms varied/vary individually but the list is extensive.”

Dalle then went on to list some of the symptoms her and her family experienced in the hopes that anyone with the same symptoms “gets tested sooner than we did”.

She wrote: “Runny nose, runny eyes, intense and very frequent sneezing (like 10 times in a row) coughing up green mucus, TONS of mucus , congestion, severe body aches – in the knees , legs , glutes , lower back and for some all over, penetrating headaches , weird scooped out brain buzzing, sore throats , nausea , stomach aches , vomiting , extreme thirst , dry mouth , everyone has very dry cracked lips , fatigue – which my daughter still has even though she’s further along , fevers and also below temp and sometimes didn’t register on the thermometer, wet cough , dry cough , coughing attacks.”

Dalle did not mention whether she or any of her family had been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Arlo Parks has cancelled three upcoming shows after revealing she’s tested positive for coronavirus.


Parks shared the news on her social media on July 23, writing that she will no longer be performing at tonight’s scheduled show at The Waterfront in Norwich. She has also had to pull out of appearances at Suffolk’s Latitude Festival and Standon Calling in Hertfordshire.

“Despite being as careful as possible, I’m writing to let you know that I tested positive for COVID-19 this morning,” she wrote.

News of Parks’ diagnosis comes after Fontaines D.C. pulled out of this weekend’s Latitude festival after revealing a band member has tested positive for COVID-19.