The Dreggs release new single ‘Call Me Home’

Ahead of their performance at Airwaves Drive-In Festival next month

Sunshine Coast duo The Dreggs have today (June 12) released their new single, titled ‘Call Me Home’. Listen to it below.

‘Call Me Home’ follows the release of ‘Simple Question’ just a few weeks ago, and their first single of the year ‘Postcards’ back in March.


“As a musician, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of making something that should be fun and simple, so complex,” the band said of the song in a press statement.

“‘Call Me Home’ is simply put a happy and energetic track that should be enjoyed lightly. Whether you’re road-tripping down the coastline, thinking about your lover, or just wanting to dance around the house, we feel ‘Call Me Home’ is the perfect theme.”

The Dreggs did have a slew of tour plans scheduled for the year before the coronavirus pandemic forced a prohibition on mass gatherings. They were just two shows short finishing their almost sold-out nationwide ‘Postcards’ tour before having to cancel. They were also set to support Kim Churchill on his now postponed ‘Bright Nights’ nationwide tour.

As the country waits out the rest of this isolation period, the band are taking part in Airwaves Drive-In Music Festival in their hometown of the Sunshine Coast. According to a press statement, they also plan to release more singles throughout the year.