The Drones release live recordings from 2001 to 2004

Featuring an archival interview with future guitarist Dan Luscombe

The Drones have released a collection of live recordings from 2001-2004, featuring the band’s original lineup.

The record includes live versions of songs from the first three Drones records, ‘Here Come The Lies’, ‘Wait Long By The River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By’ and ‘The Miller’s Daughter’, recorded in Amsterdam, Gronigen, at Meredith Music Festival and PBS Radio in Melbourne. The versions of songs from ‘Wait Long By The River…’ were all recorded before the release of the record in 2005.

Listen to it below.


The archival release follows last week’s digital release of ‘Bong Odyssey’, an album recorded by Drones frontman Gareth Liddiard and guitarist Rui Pereira before forming The Drones.

The album also features a humorous eight minute interview with Liddiard by future guitarist Daniel Luscombe in 2005 for the now defunct Lucky Magazine. They discuss the upcoming release of ‘Wait Long By The River…’ and riff on the lengthy title.

“We went with the long title, because all the short ones were like snails,” Liddiard says.

“Because they were slow?” Luscombe asks.

“They weren’t slow. They were encrusted in a thick shell.”


“Short titles are encrusted in a snail-like shell?

“The title was more like a moray eel – deadly but sexy. Deadly but slippery. You can have one end in your mouth and one in your ass at the same time.”

Elsewhere, Liddiard describes in depth what his ideal rock ‘n’ roll outfit would be.

“I’d wear a spacesuit – a real one, like a vintage one. I’d wear that and then I’d have heaps of helium balloons attached to the shoulders it wouldn’t be enough to make me fly, but it’d be enough to hold a child above me. A naked child above me,” he explains.

“It’s like art, it’s not physics. I’d carry a ballast for the child for when we go into places like The Tote – the kid would hit his head on the Carlton Draught sign. So I’d carry a ballast that can attach to the child’s ankle. We could move through the door without injury.”

Liddiard’s current group Tropical Fuck Storm released their second record, ‘Braindrops’, last August. Last year, Luscombe (who is not a member of TFS) shared the Screen Music Award for Feature Film Score of the Year with Antony Partos for their work on Grant Sputore’s science fiction thriller ‘I Am Mother’.