The Drones share new live album, ‘Live Vol. 3’

Featuring material recorded around the release of 2006's 'Gala Mill'

The Drones have continued their archival release series, sharing another live album. ‘Live Vol. 3’ collects live tracks recorded around the release of their 2006 album ‘Gala Mill’, spanning 2004-2008. Listen to it below:

The tracks were recorded live, mostly in either New York Cityor on a mixture of Melbourne’s community radio stations and The Tote. It also features an interview with vocalist-guitarist Gareth Liddiard from 2006 by the late eccentric Philadelphia radio host Howard Saunders, known as ‘The Cosmic Commander of Wrestling’.


The band wrote a Bandcamp description about the period encompassed by the recordings.

“We were having record company dramas which held up the release of ‘Wait Long By The River’ so we went to Tasmania with our mate Aaron Cupples and a van full of recording gear and set up in the mill on Gala Farm on the central east coast. so for a while there we had two finished records just sitting in the can,” it reads.

“In reality they were on a bunch of crappy hard drives that kept crashing so we were forever enlisting the help of an ex-CIB tech guru who’s job had been to trawl the deleted drives of crims and paedos and who bequeathed us with this sagely gem- “if you want to wipe a hard drive, burn it”

In the radio interview, Liddiard says the titular mill was built by convicts who worked on the farm.

“Our drummer had a friend of a friend of a friend who knew about this farm, and we just hooked it up…didn’t cost a thing. Spent like $200,” he told Saunders.

Elsewhere in the radio interview, Liddiard speaks about being all the All Tomorrow Parties label, George Bush conspiracy theories and in a very retro moment, plugs the album’s MySpace page. In the Bandcamp description, he adds an ambiguous comment about The Drones’ tenure on the ATP label.


“We were on the ATP Festival record label all thru [sic] this period so we had a pretty sweet ride until the wheels fell off. As they always do eventually.”

‘Live Vol. 3’ follows the release of two live albums and Liddiard’s pre-Drones project with Rui Pereira, ‘Bong Odyssey’, last month. At the time of recording ‘LIVE Vol. 3′, the band’s lineup consisted of Liddiard, Pereira, Fiona Kitschin, and Mike Noga.

Liddiard and Kitschin later went on to form a new band Tropical Fuck Storm, putting The Drones on an indefinite hiatus. The Drones’ last album, ‘Feelin Kinda Free’, was released in 2016. In a recent Reddit AMA, Liddiard discussed the possibility of reissuing the band’s 2013 album ‘I See Seaweed’.