The Flaming Lips perform ‘Race for the Prize’ inside giant bubbles on ‘Colbert’

An audience was present, also housed in giant bubbles

The Flaming Lips performed their 1999 song ‘Race for the Prize’ on a remotely-filmed episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from inside their signature giant bubbles.

The band bucked the trend of solo iPhone recordings and multi-cam performances by housing each member of the band in their own separate bubble. Every member apart from frontman Wayne Coyne also wore a mask and gloves.


It also marked something of the return of live audiences to late night talk shows, although these audience members were housed inside bubbles similar to the band. The attendees, though few in number, featured people of all ages, including children.

It is unclear what venue the shoot took place in. Watch the extraordinary performance below:

The band shared a surprise new single last month, ‘Flowers of Neptune 6′, which featured backing vocals from Kacey Musgraves. A music video saw Coyne wander through a burning prairie, draped in an American flag.

It’s unclear if The Flaming Lips are gearing up for the release of a new album, though they updated their Facebook profile with a photo presumably taken recently, as all members are seen wearing various face masks.

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