The Horrors’ Tom Furse announces new solo album ‘Ecstatic Meditations’

It's the follow up to the synthesist's 2016 debut solo album

The HorrorsTom Furse has announced his new solo album ‘Ecstatic Meditations’.

Set to be released as part of Lo Recordings’ ‘Spaciousness’ series — which aims “to explore the connections, the overlaps, the roots and the future of a music variously referred to as ambient, deep listening, new age and even post-classical” — ‘Ecstatic Meditations’ will arrive on October 23.

The six-track record is the follow-up to Furse’s debut solo album ‘Interludes’, which was released back in 2016. You can see the tracklist for ‘Ecstatic Meditations’ below.


1. ‘Journey In Ecstasy’
2. ‘Kosmuro’
3. ‘Naivety (Snowing)’
4. ‘Still Music’
5. ‘Organ Meditation’
6. ‘Pacific Drifting’

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Furse at his electronic studio on the Margate coast, the synthesist said of the album: “There was a certain kind of sound I was listening to that wasn’t always ambient but definitely had that quality about it and I just came to think of it as ’still music’ – music without much form, but deeply spiritual, abstract and expressionist. This album is an exploration of that idea.

“This enjoyment of ‘still music’ also coincided with a meditative breakthrough where I began to visually witness the cloud of my own consciousness. This sound seemed to be quite analogous to what I was seeing – formless, infinite, unpredictable and hard to explain. What I ended up doing was taking that very abstract, barely explainable idea about the nature of myself and created an audible representation of it.

“When used as an object of deep listening or of meditation, this album becomes transportive and experiential. Like the exotica of old, you can put it on and it will take you places, you can lose yourself in it. With the world as it is now, I think we could do with more beautiful things to escape into.”

The Horrors’ last studio album ‘V’ was released in September 2017.

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