The Million share new single and lyric video ‘Check Up’

The trio's first new music of 2020

New South Wales indie-pop trio The Million have released their brand-new single ‘Check Up’ today (April 23), along with an accompanying lyric video.

Watch the clip below:


‘Check Up’ was primarily inspired from the band’s introspective writing trip to Los Angeles.

“It was written at a time when self-reflection and self-doubt were fighting each other in my head,” lead singer and lyricist Jacob Thomas said.

“I began having these internal thoughts of, ‘Am I good enough? Am I good at what I’m doing?’ In that period of time, I was really questioning if I was worth anything, or more specifically if I was worth the career I was building.”

The song was produced by Colin Brittain (Dashboard Confessional, 5 Seconds of Summer, Papa Roach), who was also responsible for the track’s instrumental inspiration.

“Colin played us this bass idea, which is the bassline in the song, and we just played keys on top of it and all the lyrics and melodies were flowing out,” Thomas said.

“It was one of those textbook sessions. It came really quickly and felt really natural and that’s typically how our singles turn out.”


The Million released their debut EP ‘Hydration Station’ in 2017 and embarked on a sold-out east coast tour to promote its launch. Since then, the trio have only released one single, 2019’s ‘Somebody Better’.