The Pigeon Detectives return with new single ‘Lovers Come and Lovers Go’

It's the first new music from the Leeds band in seven years

The Pigeon Detectives have announced new single ‘Lovers Come and Lovers Go’, their first new music since 2016 – listen below.

Produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms, The Coral, Oscar Lang), the track is a high-energy, indie-rock offering that celebrates the core sound the band first emerged with.

“This song encapsulates the raw energy and catchiness The Pigeon Detectives have built our reputation on, whilst evolving our sound to reflect where we are as people at this stage in our lives,” the band said in a press statement.


“It’s a celebration of everything the band were, are and hope to be in the future. Above all it’s a total banger that is guaranteed to get many a festival crowd bouncing like they’ve never bounced before!”

Listen to ‘Lovers Come and Lovers Go’ below.

“Introducing new music to our fans is one of the most amazing feelings and we can’t wait for you to wrap you lug holes round this tuuune!” The Pigeon Detectives wrote on Twitter. “Let’s have it!”

They also shared on Instagram that after “7 years in hibernation” they were “so excited to be back and we’re bringing bangers by the bucketloads!”

According to a press release, the response at shows and festival performances over the past two years inspired the band to start writing again, with the goal to capture the energy of the live gigs while reflecting on their journey as a band.


The new material follows 2016 LP ‘Broken Glances’, while they also celebrated the ten-year anniversary of their debut album ‘Wait For Me’ in 2017.

2023 also marks 15 years of their second LP ‘Emergency’.

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