The Pinheads announce third album ‘The Mirror’, share single ‘Rain Down’

The band's third album arrives in early July

The Pinheads have shared details on their third studio album, ‘The Mirror’, as well as a new single from it.

‘Rain Down’, released today (April 28), is the second track to be lifted from the album. It follows on from ‘Heart Of Darkness’, which the band released in December 2021. An accompanying music video has also been shared for the new single, which like all of The Pinheads’ clips, was helmed by drummer James Kates. It was shot on location at the Royal National Park, located south of Sydney.

Watch the video for ‘Rain Down’ below:


In a press statement, lead vocalist Jez Player explained that ‘Rain Down’ was written around the time of the Black Summer bushfires across Australia in late 2019 and early 2020. “Walking out of the studio, [we were] instantly overcome with the dryness and heat of the evening air,” he said. “The air was heavy with the smell of burning lands and homes. It is devastating seeing what we needed during that time, rain, is completely consuming us now.”

Kates, in his own statement regarding the song’s music video, quipped: “I had no idea what I was doing. I just showed up, loaded my camera and buttoned on when it felt right. Jez and I ended up shooting in a bunch of different locations, in the hope of capturing some natural magic in whatever way it presented itself.”

‘The Mirror’ is set for release on July 8 via Farmer & The Owl. It follows on from the band’s self-titled 2017 debut and their 2019 follow-up ‘Is This Real’. In the years following the release of ‘Is This Real’, the band released two songs: a standalone single, ‘New Love Dawn’, and a cover of Elvis Costello‘s ‘Pump It Up’. The sextet also played several co-headlining shows with Body Type in 2021.

The Pinheads’ ‘The Mirror’ track-listing is:

1. ‘Heart Of Darkness’
2. ‘Don’t Pass Me By’
3. ‘Shine On Me’
4. ‘She Don’t Believe Anything’
5. ‘On The Sea’
6. ‘Turn It Back’
7. ‘Rain Down’
8. ‘The Mirror’
9. ‘Fate’s Flaunt’
10. ‘Pay It Back’

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