The Preatures have disbanded after 10 years together

Isabella Manfredi said the band have split due to "personal and financial" reasons

Beloved Sydney band The Preatures have called it quits after being together for ten years.

In a brief statement shared on social media, the band wrote, “After 10 years, The Preatures have disbanded.

“We want to thank everybody who was a part of the journey and especially you for being such a dedicated fanbase.”


Isabella Manfredi, who fronted the band, spoke with triple j earlier this afternoon (May 25) about the split, saying there were two reasons the band broke up.

“[We were] in a really antiquated record deal that we couldn’t get out of,” she said.

“And it meant that we couldn’t support ourselves financially. That was a big issue and obviously with COVID that became forefront at our minds.”

She then went on to say how her split from bandmate Jack Moffitt influenced the decision.

“At the same time, my ten-year relationship with Jack was over. And if anyone’s ever gone through a break-up, it’s really hard to keep working with that person,” she said.


“There was dynamics there that were really unhealthy, which just meant in the end for me, I had to get myself out of there.

“For me, the band was my family,” Manfredi continued, “I was so committed to it. But for my heart and my music I had to take myself away and start again.”

In a later message given to fans, Manfredi said, “I want them to know that personally I did everything I could to keep the band together and I’m so proud of what we did as a band.

“It wasn’t a creative choice in the end. It was a personal and financial choice and they are realities we’ve all had to face in the past 12 months.”

Manfredi is set to release her first solo single tomorrow (May 26), titled ‘Jealousy’, which premiered on triple j earlier today and she’s teased on social media.

The Preatures formed in 2010 and would go on to release two studio albums together, 2014’s ‘Blue Planet Eyes’ and 2017’s ‘Girlhood’.

They also released two EPs – 2012’s ‘Shaking Hands’ and 2013’s ‘Is This How You Feel’. The title track from the latter would go on to win the $50,000 Vanda & Young prize, place in the top 10 of the 2013 triple j Hottest 100 and earn an ARIA nomination for ‘Best Pop Release’.

Throughout their years together, The Preatures supported the likes of Harry Styles, Foo Fighters, Pink, Rolling Stones, Garbage and The Cranberries on tour.